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How Much Power Will An AC Need to Cool My Room?

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If you’re planning on getting an air conditioning unit for your house or room, then there are several things you have to check before you get one. One of the things that a lot of people consider before choosing a unit is their price range. It is important that you are well-educated about the different energy consumption of different air conditioning units. Obviously, the more expensive the unit is, the better quality it has. Some units even have power-saving features, eco-friendly features, and much more but you can expect them to be more expensive than regular ones. However, just because a unit is expensive does not necessarily mean it consumes high repair

Now, off to what type of unit is the best for you. If you have narrowed down the choices available for you based on your price range, then the next thing you have to consider is the size of your room. Why does it matter? The longer it takes for an air conditioning unit to cool your room or to lower the temperature, the more energy it consumes, thus making your electric bill higher. This means your ac unit has to work harder, meaning you may need an ac repair technician sooner than you think. Same goes with how long you leave it on. The key to having the right air conditioning unit is to calculate how much BTU or British thermal unit you need to cool your room.

For a place to be considered cool, it has to be less than half of the current room temperature. To find an air conditioning unit that can reduce the room temperature to that effect, you will need to calculate how much BTU is required to cool your room and you can find that by:

1st: Finding the volume of your room which can be calculated by multiplying the Length, Height, and Width of your room and this will give you the total cubic feet of your room.

Volume= Length * Height * Width (cubic feet)

2nd: Multiply you the volume of your room to 6 and this will give you one of the addends you need to find the estimated BTU per hour your room needs.

C1 = Volume * 6

3rd: How many people will be in the room where the unit will be placed? Now, the second addend can be found by multiplying the number of people in the room by 500. The unit of your answer is BTU/hr.

C2 = N*500 (BTU/hr)

4th: Add the two addends you got from the second and third step and this will give you the estimated cooling capacity your room needs.

Cooling capacity (estimation) = C1 + C2

Now that you found how many BTU per hour is needed to cool your room, you can now choose how many HP or horse power your need to cool your room. The HP of the air conditioning unit you need can be obtained by multiplying the BTU/hr to 0.000393.

Those are the steps you will need to get the right horsepower that will cool your room without excessively consuming energy. However, if you want to make your room colder than the 50-55%, then you can increase your HP range and get an air conditioning unit that has a higher HP than what your room needs!

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