West Vancouver Real Estate Is Booming It Certainly Is!


west vancouver real estate home prices

west vancouver real estate home prices

West Vancouver may as well be the next big play in the Canadian real estate market. In a history of almost 2 decades, West Vancouver is finally being eyed up for the first time as the next investment hotspot. After the recent Vancouver Real Estate Forum, the focus specifically seems to be on North Shore, which is where a majority of the communities of West Vancouver are housed. The overhaul of Park Royal, the possible Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion and the Seaspan shipbuilding contract had been cited as the reasons behind this focus.

West Vancouver is becoming fertile ground for new foundations because of these elements, combined with the short of land south of the Burrand Inlet. Regardless of whether properties in West Vancouver will be developed now, in two, five or perhaps seven years, this city is being regarded as a really ideal opportunity for growth, especially since the demand is there. One example of the real estate boom in this city is the coach houses and duplexes that were recently unveiled on Esquimalt Avenue at Hollyburn Mews.

The burgeoning development market is further pushing the significant amount of development that West Vancouver has already been seeing the past couple of years. Another more recent example of a real estate boom taking place in West Vancouver is at 752 Marine Drive. It is being expected and hoped that the White Spot of south mall will be replaced with two towers that will contain between 300 and 320 units. A variety of housing that is not currently available in West Vancouver and has not been available in West Vancouver within the past twenty to thirty years will be provided by those two towers.

This development will most likely compel the young professionals. They want to be around some action, they want to be in more affordable environments, and small condominiums. The proposal has probably even come before district council as well. If the project is approved, West Vancouver will get further flooded with developers interested in starting similar projects. Moreover, the close-knit community of West Vancouver is more open-minded than many people estimate them to be, which means that they have been responding to development proposals quite positively. This adds to the real estate boom in the district and will continue to do so.

Over the past couple of years, the wheels of the council have been grinding much faster on West Vancouver, than any other district in Vancouver. This combined with all other elements is the reason that the real estate market in Vancouver has been in the process of booming for quite some time. Within West Vancouver, the potential of getting approvals and getting bigger buildings built is much greater today. With this quick pace of the approval process, new buildings are sure to integrate with established neighbourhoods that already exist there.

The community of West Vancouver is intelligent and they embrace something whenever it makes sense. Thus, West Vancouver real estate is really booming and this is not only great for developers, for is also a splendid opportunity for anyone who wants to invest in the West Vancouver real estate market.

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